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Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines

Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines stand out from the rest. Butterfly embroidery machines come in single heads and multi heads up to 12 heads. These machines are built on quality, service, and support. The Butterfly stands out from the rest of the competing commercial embroidery machines available both on the new and used market. Butterfly owners are not disappointed.

Why Butterfly Embroidery Equipment?

Why choose a Butterfly over any other commercial embroidery machines? Butterfly is a brand built on quality, support, and history. Where most brands have been around for just a few years, we have been around for nearly 100 years!

The Butterfly single head also comes equipped with full lettering and monogramming touchscreen control panel. The lettering feature allows the user to add lettering on the fly. This state-of-the-art feature is a time saver and money maker.

We provide a lot of support videos and we also provide custom videos on request. We also provide training and support at your location, at our location, or online via video streaming. Our techs are dedicated to supporting you and keeping you going when needed the most.

Our machines are very easy to use, they are smooth running and have very low thread break occurrences.

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