Flat Embroidery Slide In Tabletop

Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machine Slide in Tabletop

Each one of our Single Head Industrial embroidery machines come STANDARD with a Slide in Tabletop. The Slide in tabletop is used for sewing flat goods.


The slide in tabletop is used for sewing flat goods. Flat embroidery refers to non tubular embroidery or in other words, when the tabletop is on the machine. The tabletop helps provide support for large or heavy goods or, when large designs are being embroidered. Examples of flat embroidery goods are towels, sheets, blankets, jackets or other large items that need a large flat sewing area. The slide in tabletop provides this support. The tabletop is removed to embroidery caps or tubular goods.

Description of the Embroidery Machine Slide in Tabletop

An embroidery machine without the slide out table has typically been referred to as the "tubular embroidery machine". Tubular refers to that the embroidery goods can go completely around the sewing arm of the embroidery machine. Therefore making it easier to embroidery goods such as t-shirts which are tubular in shape

The slide-in tabletop can be installed or removed by simply sliding it in. On each side of the table, there are thumb screws to hold it down.
With the tabletop on, it allows for better stabilization on heavy goods such as jackets, blankets, towels, etc.

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