Embroidery Machine Hoops

Embroidery machine hoops for embroidering on most everything.

Each one of our Butterfly single head commercial embroidery machines come STANDARD with at least 3 sets (3 pairs) of embroidery machine hoops. This is at least 6 hoops total per commercial machine head that you purchase.  The hoops included should cover a wide range of embroiderable items.  The machine uses tubular hoops which can also be purchased in all types of aftermarket hoop manufacturers.

Included Standard on Each Machine

Included with the commercial machines are smaller hoops for doing embroidery on shirt fronts, such as with knit-type (polo) shirts or the back of baseball caps.  There are also  large hoop for doing jacket backs, blankets,etc.

The machines are also sold with a 270 degree Cap (hat) system with 2 cap frames.   This device will allow you to embroidery on the fronts of baseball caps from ear to ear.

The machine also includes a large border sash which allows for embroidery of very large items such as sheets, blankets, flags, etc.

You should be able to embroider most all common embroidery requests by the time you get started just with the standard hoop package included with this machine.

More information on the embroidery machine hoops and sizes

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    Want to speed the embroidery process up? Try adding a third hoop to your rotation.

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