Embroidery Machine Touchscreen

Butterfly Embroidery Machine Touchscreen Display

Like most of today's smart devices, the Butterfly control panel is touch and is comes with applications to make your life easier. For example, the Monogramming feature of the Butterfly touchscreen is one of the most advanced systems on today's market.

Butterfly's touchscreen comes with USB and also includes a free USB to WIFI device. This device allows the machine to wirelessly share files from a remote directory.

Sleek and Easy to Use

The Butterfly embroidery machine touchscreen is very sleek and easy to use. It contains all the standard features you might expect such as flip, rotate, mirror, etc. The pantograph device which holds the hoops is easily moved with the up and down / left and right keys. The touchscreen is where you enter all your color information and control all the speeds of the embroidery machine. This is the most advanced embroidery machine touchscreen you will find on the market.

This touchscreen display is very user friendly and seems comfortable and familiar. New operators will pick this control panel up quickly and will be able to manipulate the machine in no time.

Save Time and increase productivity

This touchscreen lets you work faster. Not only does the lettering feature make jobs quicker but, the ease of use makes it easier then using most typical PC lettering.

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