15 Color Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

Butterfly B-1501B/T 15 Color Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

The B-1501B/T is a light weight portable commercial single head embroidery machine with 15 needles. Each of the 15 needles can be used to embroider a unique thread color giving this machine the ability to embroidery logos up to 15 colors without having to change out spools of thread. Some of the 15 needles can also be used to carry basic colors whereas only certain needs are used to swap out with unique colors.

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Texas Butterfly Embroidery

Ideal single head embroidery machine

This single head machine is ideal for most all embroidery jobs from large garments to pocket size designs to caps. This machine should embroider on most anything where embroidery is typically seen. The Butterfly single head is an industrial/commercial embroidery machine so, it is designed to run various shifts to crank out lots of embroidery works.

The Butterfly single head machine is ideal for both start ups and existing commercial embroidery shops. This is an ideal machine for full service embroidery, onetime items, or samples. This machine can be used a hobby machine or, it can be used in an industrial settings for large production embroidery. The machine is priced right to where it is drastically under the cost of large name competitors, yet none of all important features and qualities have be cut. The Butterfly is the only machine able to fit in most all markets and easily compete against the rest.

Universal and portable

The embroidery machine is portable enough to attend road shows, yet strong enough to tackle jacket backs, leather goods, etc. This is a perfect machine for the home businesses, or storefronts and malls. These models are also used worldwide in full service factory settings. This 1 head embroidery machine will benchmark well against any other machine in its class. You will not be disappointed however you end up using this machine.

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  1. Sir, We are interested in single head embroidery machine with 8-15 needles. Please quote your price and delivery for the same. Awaiting your reply Moti Bhasin motibhasin@ansaribhasin.com

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