• Butterfly Embroidery Equipment

    Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines are leaders in the embroidery equipment industry.

    Butterfly Single head Embroidery Machines

  • On Board Monogramming

    Butterfly Single Heads come equipped with a full on-board Lettering and Monogramming System

    Lettering and Monogramming System

  • Butterfly 15 Needle Single Head

    The Butterfly Single Head commercial embroidery machine comes with 15 colors / needles

    15 needle single head

  • Embroidery Machine Touch Screen

    The Butterfly machine has a sleek Touch Screen System.

    Touch Screen Information

  • Compact Commercial Single Head

    A compact single head that can complete most all embroidery jobs.

    Embroidery Capabilities

  • Butterfly 270 Cap System

    The Butterfly Embroidery Machine comes with a 270 cap system for embroidering on baseball caps / hats.

    270 cap system information

Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines and Equipment - Since 1919

The best commercial embroidery machine on the market.

Are you looking for the best commercial and industrial embroidery machine on the market? The Butterfly embroidery machine is an economically priced machine that has not compromised with quality. Butterfly is the best embroidery machine in its class.

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Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines and Equipment

Since 1919


Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines and Equipment

15-Needle Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

B-1501B/T - Single Head, 15-Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine A compact, tabletop single head commercial embroidery machine. This machine includes 15 needles, laser trace, full color touch display, USB / WiFi input, and much more. We offer fully loaded packages with Starter Kits, Digitizing Software, Delivered and Training.  The machine also…

Embroidery Machine Hoops

Embroidery machine hoops for embroidering on most everything. Each one of our Butterfly single head commercial embroidery machines come STANDARD with at least 3 sets (3 pairs) of embroidery machine hoops. This is at least 6 hoops total per commercial machine head that you purchase.  The hoops included should cover…

Embroidery Machine Touchscreen

Butterfly Embroidery Machine Touchscreen Display Like most of today's smart devices, the Butterfly control panel is touch and is comes with applications to make your life easier. For example, the Monogramming feature of the Butterfly touchscreen is one of the most advanced systems on today's market. Butterfly's touchscreen comes with…

15 Color Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

Butterfly B-1501B/T 15 Color Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine The B-1501B/T is a light weight portable commercial single head embroidery machine with 15 needles. Each of the 15 needles can be used to embroider a unique thread color giving this machine the ability to embroidery logos up to 15 colors…

Monogramming Touch Display – Set lettering on your embroidery machine

Monogramming Touch Display – Set lettering on your embroidery machine The Butterfly single head embroidery machine comes with a built in monogramming app, allowing user to set lettering on the embroidery machine to embroidery directly on the garment. The app will allow you to add lettering on the fly without…

Premium Quality

Premium Quality The Butterfly embroidery machine is built premium quality stands out from it competitors. Unlike a lot of similar machines, the Butterfly does not cut costs on important or delicate parts. Butterfly USA has been in direct contact with the Butterfly China engineers for nearly a decade. Over this…

15 Color Thread Break Detector

15 Color Thread Break Detector / Sensor The 15 color thread break detector wheel sensors on the Butterfly high speed head, helps to detect true thread breaks quickly. This avoids wasting time with false thread breaks as other machines are notorious for. Sensitivity makes money The Butterfly thread break detectors…

High End Parts

Butterfly uses high end parts. Butterfly uses high end parts where other competitors cut corners. Several specially selected, high end parts on the Butterfly commercial embroidery machine are chosen to outperform our competitors. Where competitors may cut corners on certain parts, Butterfly chooses to upgrade many parts with higher quality…

Butterfly Embroidery Equipment

'Butterfly' is a worldwide commercial embroidery machine brand. Butterfly started making household sewing machines since 1919 and began production of commercial embroidery machines in 1990. Since its inception, Butterfly has provided its customers with products of the highest quality at the most economical price possible. We also provide superb after sales service and support which has helped us enjoy our strong worldwide reputation. Butterfly embroidery machines come in 1 – 20 heads with the single heads embroidery machines being the biggest seller in the USA.

We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with you. Our goal is to meet our customer’s budgets and support them as they grow and build their entire embroidery machine fleet with Butterfly commercial embroidery equipment.

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